Savaş Alanları-Gallipoli Battlefield photographs taken from the air ( Gökhan T. Karaman )

GeliboluyuAnlamak sizlere Gelibolu Yarımadası savaş alanlarının havadan fotoğraflarını sunuyor. Çok sayıda inşaat projesi tehdidine rağmen, Gelibolu yarımadası Birinci Dünya Savaşından beri orjinalliğini koruyan en önemli savaş alanlarından biri. Sanatını tarihi yarımadaya adamış Gökhan Tarkan Karaman, kendi dronuyla havadan çektiği fotoğrafları bizimle paylaşıyor. Daha önce Gelibolu yarımadası’nı bu şekilde görmediğinize eminim. Gökhan’ın özel web sitesi de çok yakında yayına başlayacak. Sabırsızlıkla bekliyoruz. presents you Gallipoli Battlefield photographs taken from the air. Despite  threatening of construction projects, Gallipoli Peninsula is one of the most important battlefield in the world, which has preserved  its originality since the First World War. Gokhan Tarkan Karaman, Professional Photographer and Graphic designer , who dedicated his art to Gallipoli Battlefield presents beatiful photographs taken by his drone from the air. I am sure you have never seen Gallipoli Battlefield from these point so far. His special web site that contains such a excellent photos and videos will be aired coming soon. We look forward to his web site.

Gallipoli Constructions Are Continuing , The History and The Environment are Getting Lost ( Tuncay Yılmazer )

Gallipoli battlefield faces new developments again. A ceremony area is being planned on the top of the Hill 971 (Kocaçimentepe) It is wrongly considered that Hill 971 was major assembly area for Turkish 57. Regiment before to attack against Anzacs on 25 April 1915 . For this reason they plan to construct a ceremonial ground on top of the Hill 971. This is a big mistake and such unnecessary projects will damage the environment. Another plan ! There is a rumour that a hotel will be built on Suvla A beach ( Kangoroo beach )!Such developments, the architecture of which consists of extensive use of concrete and expensive granite stones, are not new to the peninsula. Especially over the last ten years, many memorials and cemeteries have been constructed on Gallipoli Peninsula….While Gallipoli constructions are continuing , the history and the environment are getting lost. (T.Y)

Gallipoli campaign was a disastrous mistake from start to finish – An Exclusive Interview with a leading Military Historian Peter Hart ( M. Onur Yurdal )

We present you an exclusive interview with Peter Hart, Military Historian and has numerous books and articles about great war and its fronts including Gallipoli Campaign. He speaks to Turkish media first time. In this interview, he makes clear that Gallipoli campaign was a disastrous mistake from start to finish and had no tenable objectives. He stressed that British accounts have perhaps over-exaggerated the importance of Liman von Sanders and other German commanders. As to Great War Commomerations he said: “I would prefer to treat the Great War and Gallipoli as historical events to be studied and understood rather than celebrated or commemorated. Centenaries are mere excuses for morbid sentimentality; they have no meaning other than an arbitrary number of years since the event concerned.” This interview has been translated into Turkish by M. Onur Yurdal and Kayıhan Kabadayı and was also aired at the same time.